Raikot Sarai (Sarai is a Persian word for ‘inn’) is a camp resort located atop the heavily forested Fairy Meadows in North Pakistan, at an altitude of 3306m. Established in 1992, this tourist destination is highly popular among mountaineers and trekking enthusiasts for its exhilarating ‘Nanga Parbat Experience’. Looking on from the Sarai lodges one can see the Raikot Glacier yawning beneath the North face of the Killer Mountain.

Studded with alpine trees, Fairy Meadows gets its name from the legendary claim that fairies inhabit the meadow. Nestled at the foot of the towering Nanga Parbat (8126m) this location offers a spectacular view of surrounding landscape. One can indulge in a truly unique experience of the Nanga Parbat, watching from the Raikot resort at a distance so close --- it leaves you captivated.

Pakistan’s Nanga Parbat stands at 26 660 ft (8126m), anchoring the western Himalayan region. This mountain, known as ‘Diamir’ to local inhabitants, but more widely known as the ‘Killer Mountain’, is notorious for devouring more mountaineering expeditions than is recorded at any other ascent in the world. Ranked as the second highest peak in Pakistan and the ninth highest in the world, its arrogance exudes an eerie charm, tempting those who dare…luring those who aspire!