Rehmat Nabi
Operations, Raikot Sarai
Post Graduate Diploma holder from Klasshiem Austria with over 20 years of experience in Tourism and Hotel Management.
Ghulam Nabi
Business Development, Raikot Sarai
Masters in Environment & Development from Kings College London with over 15 years of experience in the sector of tourism & travel; He is also a volunteer environmentalist & social mobilizer, a key player in conservation and development.
Rehmat Nabi, Ghulam Nabi, two brothers belonging to the Raikot Valley, need no introduction in the sector of tourism and the promotion of ‘responsible tourism’. The owners of Raikot Sarai, their experience in resort management and outreach in maintaining the natural landscape of the area is laudable. With extensive international exposure and accredited professional qualifications they seek to emulate the highest standards in tourism and environmental development.

Our management and staff are highly trained on issues pertaining to environmental awareness and socially responsible behavior. These issues are given particular importance as part of our effort to preserve the ecological constituents* of the area.

We are also actively involved in the promotion of ‘responsible tourism’ so that local inhabitants of the region benefit from our efforts and are able to prosper through entrepreneurship opportunities that are created for them. We work towards ensuring that the benefits of tourism accrue directly to the area and its people.

* Fairy Meadows is one of the few remaining places in the Northern region with raw natural beauty and unspoiled forests.